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Our capabilities in depth

Design & Development

Whether it’s your custom product or making a modification to one of our standard products, Argon’s experienced design engineers are ready to work with you to deliver a solution that meets your specific needs.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We are proud to offer an extensive line of manufacturing services including:

Injection Molding
We mold thousands of components ranging from stopcocks and manifolds to bone needle handles utilizing a wide range of materials such as polycarbonate, ABS, nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene, acrylics, etc.

Insert Molding
An effective and stronger alternative to adhesive bonding, for example the further processing of tubing and wires to form a hub or handle around the tubing or wire

Tubing Extrusion
Our core competency for manufacturing catheters, tubing and guidewire packaging.

Catheter Hub Molding and tip forming
The customizable processes for insert molding the hub directly onto catheter tubing. We have expertise in tapering the tubing for the critical forming of the catheter tip.

As an alternative to laser etching, we offer chemical etching to create custom depth marks on a cannula.

We offer an industry leading “Match-ground” tip where the needle and stylet are uniquely matched one-to-one during grinding for a perfect needle point, as well as electrochemical grinding and notching for custom features specific to customer needs.

Customized printing available in a variety of colors on a variety of components.

Argon is an expert in a variety of metal processes such as swaging, bending and flaring to shape tubing and wire to strengthen the hub bond, or to create a better funnel entry for accepting a device into the tubing inner diameter.

Unique automated equipment specifically programmed to cut, drill, and turn steel to customize the inner diameter and outer diameter.

Creates a clean cut that does not distort the outer or inner diameter on stainless steel tubes and wires.

Custom Hydrophilic Coating

Slip Coat

Learn more about the benefits of Argon's Hydrophilic Coating.

View Coating Products

Custom Labeling & Packaging


We have a variety of custom and standard packaging options available:

  • Form-fill-seal
  • Vacuum forming Blister Trays
  • Peel Pouching
  • Private Label & Custom packaging


  • We proudly partner with an industry leading sterilization company

Quality & Regulatory

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